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12 Reasons Pink is a True Rockstar Mom

12 Reasons Pink is a True Rockstar Mom
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12 Reasons Pink is a True Rockstar Mom

Being a parent is no easy feat. It requires an immense amount of time, energy, and dedication. But is it possible to be a successful pop star, and a phenomenal mother at the same time? Pink is living proof that it is! Here are 12 reasons why Pink is a “true rockstar mom”:

1. She values quality time with her children

Pink puts her children first, and she makes sure to prioritize quality time with them. Prior to the pandemic, Pink took her children on the road with her during tours worldwide. She regularly posts photos with her family spending quality time together, which proves how valuable family time is to her.

2. She includes them in her work

Pink is an amazing role model for her children. She involves them in her work as much as possible, and in turn, teaches them valuable life skills. On her tour, they were a part of the crew and learned how to run a show “from the ground up”. She also puts her daughter in music videos and posts wise words of advice on social media to guide her children.

3. She’s not afraid to be herself

Pink isn’t afraid to be herself, and she encourages her children to do the same. Her unique style and refusal to conform allows her children to be comfortable with who they are, and blossom into one-of-a-kind individuals themselves.

4. She practices what she preaches

Pink often shares advice with her children reminding them to love themselves and be kind to others. But she practices what she preaches! She donates a great deal of her time, money, and energy to charities she believes in and has collaborated with The Human Rights Campaign to help LGBTQ+ youth in need.

5. She’s a natural problem solver

Pink is a great problem solver. She responds quickly in a crisis, and finds creative solutions. She has a calm, no-nonsense attitude which sets a good example for her children to rely on in times of hardship.

6. She believes in being open and honest

Pink is an amazing communicator. She encourages her children to speak openly and honestly to her without judgement. She also shares her own life experiences with her children, and is never afraid to talk about her struggles or mistakes to help them learn from her experience.

7. She encourages them to explore their passions

Pink strongly believes in exploring passions, and she encourages her children to do the same. She allows them to take risks and follow their dreams (and even Skypes with them while she is on tour!). She also provides them with educational opportunities, and opens doors to creative experiences, like performing with her on stage.

8. She listens

Pink is an amazing listener. She pays attention to her children’s thoughts and feelings, and tries to understand where they are coming from. She constantly shows her children that she is receptive, and is willing to hear them out and connect with them on personal level.

9. She finds ways to make learning fun

Pink is an educator at heart. She knows the value of learning, so she loves to find ways to make schooling fun. From arts and crafts to cooking, Pink makes learning an enjoyable experience for her children.

10. She takes time for self-care

Pink knows the importance of taking time for self-care, and she shows her children that they should make time for themselves as well. She takes regular breaks away from work and parenting responsibilities to take care of her mental health, and encourages her children to do the same.

11. She’s up for adventure

Pink is always up for an adventure! She loves taking her family on trips, and encourages creativity and exploration. From camping in the wilderness, to exploring a new city, Pink loves to show her family the world.

12. She knows how to have fun

Pink is all about having fun! She isn’t afraid to let loose and act silly with her children, whether it’s playing dress-up or playing a game. She wants her children to enjoy life and to have as many positive experiences as possible.

Pink is truly a rockstar mom! She is an amazing example of how it’s possible to achieve success and still be an incredible parent. Pink puts her kids’ needs first and continually proves that love and family come first.

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