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20 baby names that mean miracle—and will never go out of style

20 baby names that mean miracle—and will never go out of style
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20 Baby Names That Mean Miracle—And Will Never Go Out of Style

Are you looking for a baby name that symbolizes strength, hope, and a miracle? Then you are in luck! Here are 20 baby names that perfectly embody the meaning of a miracle, as well as being timeless classics that will never go out of style:


1. Paavo: This unique Finnish name means “miracle”.

2. Wiro: A short, sweet name that carries the meaning “miracle,” it is perfect for any little boy.

3. Janelle: This unique name carries two meanings—“God’s miracle” and “God is gracious”.

4. Mireille: From France, this name means “miracle” and has been a timeless classic for many years.

5. Delilah: This sweet name is Hebrew for “delightful” and “miracle.”

6. Miracle: While it is certainly a strong and meaningful name, it may be best suited for a middle name or as a nickname.

7. Tristan: This strong name carries the meaning “raven” and “miracle.”

8. Celeste: Refined and sophisticated, it means “heavenly” and “miracle.”

9. Salvador: This elegant Spanish name means “miracle” and “savior.”

10. Athena: This strong and powerful name from Greek mythology is the goddess of wisdom, courage, creativity, and even miracles.

11. Eliezer: A Hebrew name, it carries the meaning “God has helped,” perfect for any little one who is called a miracle.

12. Evangeline: Mythology meets meaning in this name, which means “good news” and “miracle.”

13. Emmett: This German name carries the sweet meaning “truth,” or “universal strength.”

14. Galiena: The Italian version of the Greek name Galene means “calm and serene” or “miracle.”

15. Lailah: This Yiddish name means “night” as well as “miracle.”

16. Chimere: Unique and Beautiful, this French name means “vision” and “miracle.”

17. Miracle: Strong and Bold, this name is from the Arabic language, and carries the meaning “wonderful.”

18. Taj: Popular among Asian cultures, this name means “crown” and “miracle.”

19. Kasim: This Arabic name means “divine power” and “miracle.”

20. Eva: This strong and timeless classic has many meanings, including “life”, “breath”, and “miracle.”

The perfect baby name is out there waiting for you. These 20 timeless names, each carrying their own powerful message of miracles and strength, are sure to never go out of style.

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