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20 Things Moms Swear They’d Never Do But Did

20 Things Moms Swear They’d Never Do But Did
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20 Things Moms Swear They’d Never Do But Did

No one can prepare you for motherhood, it’s something you have to learn as you go. Many of us start it with all these ideals in mind of what we’d do and what we wouldn’t. Here are 20 things Moms swore they’d never do but did eventually.

1. Let Their Baby Cry It Out

No matter what philosophy parents use, all Moms go through a period of time of wanting to soothe their baby all the time. Eventually though, whether it’s putting your baby in the crib after feeding or letting them fuss out their frustrations, Moms tend to let their baby cry it out and settle themselves to sleep.

2. Wear Yoga Pants All Day

It may seem like a Mom’s uniform, no one wants to feel like they repeat the same outfit but due to convenience and comfort, yoga pants have taken over many Moms wardrobe.

3. Eat with One Hand

Practically out of necessity, Moms eat with one hand while the other takes care of the little one that can sometimes can’t wait for them to finish.

4. Forget to Shower

When you’re outnumbered and you baby or toddler needs your attention, sometimes things like showering have to take the backseat.

5. Cave into a Picky Eater

It’s always the goal to give your child a wholesome balanced meal. As hard as we try, there are days we just give up on our little pickier eaters and cave into their requests.

6. Boil Pasta for a Teething Baby

One of the most classic ways to help soothe a teething baby is to give them boiled and cooled pasta. An easy meal for them to gum on to ease the pain.

7. Feeding Baby in the Middle of the Night

Though Moms strive to maintain a good sleep schedule for their babies, during that period of transition, many Moms find themselves feeding them in the middle of the night.

8. Letting Babies and Toddlers Play with Your Phone or iPad

We’ve all been there. You need to finish a task or maybe even just take a break and the easiest tool to hand over to the kids is the nearest phone or tablet.

9. Kiss Sore Cheeks

There’s nothing like the softness of a little baby’s cheek and we can’t resist a few kisses, even when they are in discomfort.

10. Sneak Treats

Moms tend to be givers of everything and don’t always take care of themselves. When they do treat themselves, sometimes they feel like they have to sneak a few sweets that they don’t necessarily share with the kids.

11. Forgo the Bedtime Ritual

No matter how many rules and regulations you set for yourself, sometimes the most logical thing to do is just skip the lullaby, story, or even just the extra hugs and put your little one to bed early.

12. Break Toys

We all know that toys don’t tend to be as strong as they market them to be. Sometimes when your little one needs a little extra help, a Mom has to step in and break the toy to make it work.

13. Speak Voice Commands Too Loudly in Public

In the middle of a tantrum sometimes you forget that whatever you’re yelling out loud is heard by everyone else around you and that you need to modulate your voice.

14. Drive Around Just to Calm an Upset Baby

This is such a classic one that every Mom swears never to do and when the situation calls for it, you can’t help but take out the car keys and go for a drive, even if it’s just around the block.

15. Change Outfits Multiple Times

We all want to look presentable but some days it’s impossible. This doesn’t mean you still don’t try. On those days when you find yourself in the closet multiple times, it only means you are a Mom doing her best.

16. Lose Their Keys

At the end of the day it’s impossible to keep track of everything. When did you put your keys? Oops!

17. Wake Up and Go to Sleep First

We all want to make sure we teach our children the importance of sleep. But when we are exhausted, even Moms have to come first and naps and sleep are the first ones taken care of.

18. Get Out of Bed to Clean Up

Messes are part of having a family and some days the expectations of a tidy house have to take a back seat to the comfort of stay in bed just a little bit longer.

19. Ignore Their Own Needs

Mothers take care of their family and in that process forget to take care of themselves. Whether it’s ignoring hunger cues, exhaustion signs. or just cravings, Moms tend to ignore their own needs in order to take care of their family.

20. Swear

Everyone needs to swear every now and again. We all know it’s not a good thing but it happens. And sometimes, when your patience is tested or you step on one too many Legos, one or two swears come along with it.

No one is perfect and Moms are no exception. Motherhood is a learning process every day and every different situation. Despite going against the rules of what we wanted to do, it’s important to

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