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4 Reasons Your 4 Month Old Is Not Sleeping at Night or Napping

4 Reasons Your 4 Month Old Is Not Sleeping at Night or Napping
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4 Reasons Your 4 Month Old Is Not Sleeping at Night or Napping

Taking care of a four month old is both a joyous experience, and a challenging one. Sleep is a particularly important aspect of your baby’s growth, so it can be frustrating if your four month old is not sleeping or napping as much as you would like. Here are 4 potential reasons why your four month old might be having difficulty with sleeping:

1. Growth Spurts

Like adults, babies experience growth spurts during certain times of the day. These spurts in your baby’s growth can often be accompanied by increased activity and a decrease in sleep. If your baby is displaying signs of increased energy or fussiness during the middle of the day, then it is likely that this is the reason for their difficulty sleeping.

2. Overtiredness

Babies can struggle to sleep if they become too tired. Signs of overtiredness include difficulty waking up, increased fussiness, and rubbing their eyes. If your baby is consistently having difficulty sleeping, it is important to make sure they are having regular naps throughout the day.

3. Temperature

A baby’s body temperature should be between 97°F and 98°F for optimal sleeping conditions. If the room your baby is sleeping in is too hot or too cold this can make it difficult for your child to regulation their body temperature and therefore can cause difficulty sleeping.

4. Unfamiliar Environments

Babies feel most comfortable and secure in familiar settings. If your baby is having difficulty sleeping while in unfamiliar settings such as a daycare, they might benefit from being put to sleep in a more comforting environment.

Whilst the inability of your four month old to sleep might be concerning, it is important to remember that this is a natural stage in their growth. To make sure that your four month old is sleeping their best, make sure that they are not overtired, the temperature of their sleeping environment is comfortable, and that they are surrounded by familiar and comforting surroundings.

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