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5 things the internet gets wrong about baby sleep

5 things the internet gets wrong about baby sleep
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5 Things the Internet Gets Wrong About Baby Sleep

The internet is a great source of information but it doesn’t always get it right. Here are 5 common things the internet gets wrong when it comes to baby sleep:

1. The “Cry it Out” Method

The “Cry it Out” (CIO) method is a form of sleep training that involves letting your baby cry herself to sleep without comforting her. The internet often paints this method as the only solution to baby sleep issues, but that’s not necessarily the case. The CIO method isn’t for every family, and there are many alternatives that are gentler and more successful.

2. Babies Must Sleep Through the Night

The internet often implies that babies should sleep through the night from day one. This isn’t realistic. Newborns usually have night wakings and it can take several months for them to consolidate their night sleep. Also, many babies have their own sleep rhythms which might mean their nights and naps don’t follow an ideal adult schedule.

3. Babies Should Sleep in Cribs

Many websites imply that the best way to get your baby to sleep is to make them sleep in a crib, but that’s not the case. Safe sleep depends on creating an individualized plan that works best for your family. This could mean the baby sleeps in a crib, a bassinet, or a shared bed.

4. Put Baby to Bed Awake

The internet suggests that babies should be put to bed awake in order to learn how to self-soothe and fall asleep independently. While this can be a strategy for some babies, it doesn’t take into account individual differences and it’s not necessary for all babies. It’s ok to help soothe your baby to sleep if that is what works best for them.

5. Feeding Babies to Sleep is a Bad Habits

The internet paints feeding babies to sleep as a bad habit, but depending on the age of your baby, it might be ok. Feeding can be a great way for a newborn to fall asleep, and create both physical and emotional comfort. As the baby gets older, other techniques could be introduced.

Overall, the internet can be a great resource for new parents, but it’s important to individualize a plan that works best for you and your baby. Every baby is different and what works best for one family might not work for another.

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