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50+ new baby names of 2020 (that you probably haven’t heard of)

50+ new baby names of 2020 (that you probably haven’t heard of)
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50+ New Baby Names of 2020

2020 has been a year of changes. More than ever, parents have been looking for unique and meaningful names for their babies. If you’re looking for a sensational name for your little one, explore these fifty 2020 name picks that you probably haven’t heard of.

Traditional Names

  • Rios – a Spanish name meaning “rivers”
  • Hamish – a Scottish name meaning “a strong protector”
  • Keir – a Celtic name meaning “like a lord”
  • Keiko – a Japanese name meaning “blessed and happy chiild
  • Anatol – a Greek name meaning “east”
  • Idonea – a Spanish name meaning “loyal and diligent”
  • Wonda – a Latin name meaning “wonderful”
  • Kalen – an American name meaning “hero, brave”
  • Nestor – a Greek name meaning “traveler”
  • Olav – a Scandinavian name meaning “descendant of the ancestors”

Unisex Names

  • Peyton – an English name meaning “fighting man’s estate”
  • Aurelius – a Latin name meaning “golden”
  • Lennox – a Scottish name meaning “dweller of the plain”
  • Maxwell – an English name meaning “Macc Eldair’s spring”
  • Carlisle – an English name meaning “free people’s inclosure”
  • Jules – a French name meaning “descendant of Julius”
  • Ireland – an Irish name meaning “Gaelic Speaker”
  • Juniper – an English name meaning “evergreen plant”
  • Remy – a French name meaning “from the Rheims region”
  • Justice – an English name meaning “just behavior, fairness”

These are just a few of the unique and meaningful names to choose from in 2020. With such a vast selection of beautiful names, you’re sure to find the perfect name for your little one. Happy Name-Hunting!

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