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784| Dr. Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth Shares her Birth Stories [Rebroadcast]

784| Dr. Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth Shares her Birth Stories [Rebroadcast]
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Dr. Rebecca Dekker Shares Her Inspiring Birth Stories

Few modern mothers can boast of experiencing a completely smooth, complication-free labor and delivery. Thus, when Dr. Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth shares her own stories of childbirth, they become particularly powerful and inspiring. Below, we review what she had to say in the episode entitled, “Dr. Rebecca Dekker of Evidence Based Birth Shares her Birth Stories [Rebroadcast].”

Dr. Dekker’s Story of Having Twins

Dr. Dekker’s story of having twins begins over four years ago, in the summer of 2016. She was excited about carrying two babies, yet admitted to having some concerns. After all, she knew that having twins increased her risk of developing gestational diabetes, preterm labor, and other complications.

The Normalization of Medical Interventions

Dr. Dekker’s labor began in the hospital and she discussed her experiences with normalization of medical interventions. Over the course of the episode, she spoke of how medical intervention was something that was constantly offered to her and her family, as well as how women should be provided with unbiased information to make their own decisions.

Her Overall Lessons Learned

At the end of the episode, Dr. Dekker reflected on the most important lessons she learned from her experience. Here are the key points she touched upon:

  • Women should not be pressured into a birth plan that doesn’t match their wishes.
  • It’s important to take full ownership of one’s birth experience.
  • It’s important to vocalize one’s wishes and advocate for oneself.
  • It’s perfectly okay to make changes to one’s birth plan.
  • It’s important to have an experienced doula present.

In Conclusion

Dr. Dekker’s story of having twins serves as an inspiring example of what can result when women take ownership of their birth experiences and make informed decisions. She hopes that by sharing her story, other pregnant women can benefit from the valuable lessons she learned.

We at Evidence Based Birth thank Dr. Dekker for her powerful example of strength and wisdom that she shared in her episode.

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