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793| Black Family Shares Two Healthy Hospital Births – Tracy Wells

793| Black Family Shares Two Healthy Hospital Births – Tracy Wells
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Black Family Shares Two Healthy Hospital Births – Tracy Wells

Tracy Wells, a Black mother, recently gave birth to two healthy babies due to the dedicated care of the CPE staff. Coming during a year marked by despair and sorrow, Wells’ story is one of optimism and joy. This is her story.

The Initial Challenges

Wells faced a number of challenges before giving birth. Her OB/GYN did not want to induce labor, as she was past her due date, and there were other risks due to her pre-existing condition. Nevertheless, CPE experts insisted on creating a safe and comfortable delivery experience, and they ultimately achieved that goal.

Similar Shifts in Care

Wells’ experience is part of an ongoing change in the way hospitals handle childbirth for Black mothers. Over the past several years, hospitals have focused on providing respectful, compassionate care to mothers of color, and results have been incredibly positive.

Positive Outcomes

Wells and her babies are doing great. The babies were born healthy, alert, and responsive, and they are now happy to welcome two new members to their expanding family.


Tracy Wells and her family were able to come out of this experience with a good outcome thanks to the compassionate care that CPE provided. They are a reminder that with the proper care, mothers of color can experience normal, healthy births.

Key Takeaways

  • Black mothers are more likely to face childbirth challenges, but preexisting conditions don’t have to rule out a successful childbirth.
  • Access to respectful, compassionate care can improve the birth experience for mothers of color.
  • Tracy Wells and her family are a symbol of hope and joy at a difficult time.

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