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795| Surprise Footling Breech Homebirth Birth Story – Alyssa Peterson

795| Surprise Footling Breech Homebirth Birth Story – Alyssa Peterson
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795| Surprise Footling Breech Homebirth of Alyssa Peterson

Alyssa Peterson and her family recently experienced a momentous homebirth, making hers one of the 795 live baby breech homebirths worldwide! Through her homebirth she proved that yes, it is possible to have a successful birth even if your baby presents as a footling breech. Read on to learn all of the incredible details about her breech homebirth story.

Her Unexpectedly Breech Baby

At 38 weeks, Alyssa had an ultrasound and was told that her baby was head down and in the perfect birthing position. She was so excited and began to prepare for her golden hour homebirth where she planned to just labor in the comfort of her own home surrounded by her midwives and the warmth of her family.

However, just one day before the scheduled labor, Alyssa was surprised to find out that her baby had not only flipped to a footling breech but was now also in a transverse lie. Despite the sudden development, everyone involved agreed that it was safest for her and the baby to continue with her preference of a homebirth.

The Homebirth of Alyssa Peterson

Alyssa and her team worked together to monitor and ensure safe movements for the baby with the help of the birthing pool and husband’s hands. Their persistence and patience paid off and after a total labor of 20 hours, Alyssa’s baby was born in the safety of her own home.

When baby Alyssa was born, she weighed 8 pounds 8 ounces and came out pink and wiggling! Her entire labor and delivery was an amazing example of patient and gentle birthing and we are inspired by the determination and courage Alyssa demonstrated to bring her baby into the world.

Tips For a Successful Breech Homebirth

Alyssa’s collaborative approach to birth and her team’s carefully monitored movements allowed for a successful homebirth for her breech baby. Here are some tips and suggestions for those exploring a homebirth for their breech baby:

  • Be prepared for unexpected changes like transverse lie and a possible breech baby.
  • Gather and assemble a team of experienced midwives and doulas who specialize in breech homebirths.
  • Take classes on understanding the normal and physiological movements of a breech baby.
  • Ensure that your birthing space is safe and comfortable.
  • Keep in contact with your healthcare provider throughout the labor process.
  • Be prepared to adapt should labor become too long or too short.

Alyssa’s Remarkable Homebirth Story

Alyssa’s unknown breech baby led to a twist of fate that no one expected, but it resulted in a safe and successful homebirth that Alyssa and her family will remember for years to come. Alyssa and her team’s attentive management of her labor proves that despite the unexpected turns, homebirths can remain a viable and desired birthing option for breech babies. We congratulate Alyssa, her family, and her team on the successful birth of Alyssa’s baby!

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