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797| Unmedicated 2nd Birth Story with Hospital Midwives in Houston, TX – Felicia Bullock

797| Unmedicated 2nd Birth Story with Hospital Midwives in Houston, TX – Felicia Bullock
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How A Mother Experienced An Unmedicated 2nd Birth Story With Hospital Midwives In Houston, TX

Felicia Bullock followed her instinctive calling to try an unmedicated 2nd birth in Houston, TX. Motivated by intuitive guidance, she chose hospital midwives to help her through the birthing journey.

Why Felicia Chose An Unmedicated Experience

Felicia’s motivation for choosing an unmedicated experience was based on her intuition and her research. The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) actually recommends that laboring women should be able to use “complementary alternative approaches” to manage their labor pain. As she was approaching her due date, Felicia desired to have “as natural an experience” as possible – she was determined to follow her instincts.

Finding The Perfect Midwife

Felicia was looking for a supportive team to help with her experience. She had a spectacular team of midwives who she had connected with through her doula, Emily Ortiz.

Felicia was delighted to find such an intentional, experienced team. Her midwives had a goal to “opt for the least amount of medical interventions.” They worked with Felicia to create a positive and relaxed environment, helping her stay attuned to her body and what her body needed.

The Big Day

Felicia awoke on the morning of her planned induction date. She was accompanied by her mother and doula. The midwives checked in on her regularly throughout the labor process to make sure everything was going as planned. The midwives helped Felicia stay relaxed and encouraged her to take her time as long as she was comfortable.

Felicia labored through the night. She was able to remain in control of her body and the birthing process as a whole. Finally, after over 30 hours of labor, her beautiful baby girl was born. She was grateful for the midwives that walked her throughout the process, providing her with knowledgeable and supportive care.

What Felicia Learned From The Experience

Felicia believes her birthing experience has allowed her to be more instinctive about her health care and her overall approach to living and childrearing.

  • Trust – trusting her own body and abilities was essential for her birthing journey
  • Surroundings – being in an environment that is comfortable and familiar is critical for any type of birthing experience
  • Support – having trustworthy and knowledgeable team behind her is paramount to a successful birthing process

What Felicia has learned through this experience has enabled her to be a more confident, instinctive mother. She cherishes her empowering birthing experience – it has enabled her to feel empowered to trust her body and to trust her instincts in general.

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