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Age and Weight to Move Baby Out of the Bassinet and Where Should Baby Sleep Next?

Age and Weight to Move Baby Out of the Bassinet and Where Should Baby Sleep Next?
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Age and Weight to Move Baby Out of the Bassinet and Where Should Baby Sleep Next?

Having a newborn can be both tiring and exciting. One of the most important factors in the first months of a baby’s life is getting them settled into a safe sleep routine. This can often include deciding when to move your little one out of the bassinet, and where should baby sleep next.

When Should Baby Move Out of Bassinet?

Bassinets are a great option for your newborn’s first months, as they provide a safe, enclosed space for them to sleep. However, you will eventually need to move them onto somewhere else. The age and weight to move baby out of the bassinet will depend on the several factors, such as the type of bassinet and weight limits for your baby items.

Typically, your baby is ready to move out of their bassinet when they reach the following milestones:

  • Age: 4 to 5 months
  • Weight: 16 to 20 lbs

It is also important to note that your baby’s individual milestones may not always match these guidelines. As long as your baby has the necessary support and is comfortable, the transition should be smooth.

Where Should Baby Sleep Next?

Once your baby has outgrown their bassinet, they may be ready to transition to a new sleeping spot. A good option is a crib or cot, as this will provide enough space for your baby to move around. Other options include baby beds, loungers, and play yards.

  • Crib: A crib provides a safe and comfortable spot for your baby to sleep and should be the go-to choice for young infants.
  • Baby Bed: For babies who sleep more independently and can rollover, a baby bed may be a great option.
  • Lounger: For babies who are reaching their mobility milestones and can sit up, a lounger can be a great transitional spot to help them play and explore.
  • Play Yard: Once babies are mobile, you may want to invest in a play yard or a playpen to help contain them in one safe space.

Choosing the right option for your baby’s next sleeping spot will ultimately depend on their size and sleep patterns.


Deciding when to move your baby out of the bassinet and where they should sleep next is an important part of creating a safe sleep routine for your little one. Be sure to keep an eye on your baby’s development, taking into consideration their milestones and what best suits their needs.

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