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I surveyed more than 400 moms on what baby products they regret buy and I’m sharing it right here hey there Dee here
and welcome to the mom life where I share anything and everything motherhood this list of baby product requests that I’m gonna be sharing with you guys are both from my own personal experience and
the answers of most moms that I surveyed so let’s jump right into it first on my list would be a tote diaper bag so when my son was still a baby I used to I used
to use a tow tire it first on my list would be a tote diaper bag it’s the bag that you put on one shoulder I hated that thing that’s the first diaper bag that I actually bought for my son when he was a baby but I only used therefore
I believe like one two months because it’s just not for me and most moms agree with that one because like I have my tote bag on my right shoulder and then I I’m carrying
my baby on my left it’s just it’s it’s just hard and like you know like you say I usually put my baby on a carrier like he’s in front of me and then imagine like it’s not balanced I have my tote
bag on my right shoulder it’s super easier if you use a backpack and I’ve been using backpack since since he was like three months I believe three months old until now that he’s already to the
backpack diaper bag is life I’m telling you go buy a backpack diaper bag instead of a tote bag you will be happy next is the diaper changing table you
don’t really need this if you have like the drawers with like changing table on top of it then that’s totally fine but if you’re gonna buy like a separate diaper changing table you don’t need to really eat I changed my son’s diaper ever since he was a baby on the bed or
you know some change them on the floor with like a pad and something but you don’t need a diaper changing table just save your money next on my list would be wipes warmer you don’t really need this the wife’s warmer you need to either
keep it plug the whole time or you can unplug it and just plug it back in when you need it but you need to wait for it to really warm up and once you take out the wipes from the warmer it’s it gets cold right away so it’s really useless
just just stick with like a regular wipes I’ve been using regular wipes with no wipes warmer for my baby since he was like newborn and he’s fine with it so
your baby’s gonna be fine too next up is the nursing pillows mine I believe mine was breast friend I’m nursing pillow I think that’s the brunt of what I got me for and I returned it like right after
probably like two uses because it’s maybe other moms find find this one will find this one helpful but me not really because it’s high up like I put the the pillow right here cuz you you’re gonna you need to like put put the nursing
pillow here and you’re gonna put the baby on top of it but mine was like it’s high up like I rather I’d rather use the regular pillow it’s more comfortable and
the baby’s like you can you know adjust the the height of the baby better well at least for me then the nursing pillow that I bought me for so salma was probably will find that useful but it
didn’t work for me next up is the diaper pail or the diaper genie I think that’s the most like I think that’s the well-known Brown of the diaper pill I actually bought one and I still have it it’s in the garage
I used to probably like twice and then I just kept it in the storage because you need to buy refills every single time and he gets expensive so it’s I’d rather like just get like a like poopy bag like a poopy bag or like
plastic bag and that say will save me a lot more money in the long run than buying a diaper pail and buying like refills every single time it’s just the same thing as like buying like a regular
trash can and with a lid with a cover just get that one so you can use it like even you know you can use a regular plastic bag instead of like getting like the refill specifically for the diaper
pail it’s not worth the money next on my list is crib or bassinet so yeah I know I know probably some moms will not agree with this one but a lot of lumps that I surveyed they you know they told me that crib and bassinet are actually one of
their regrets same as mine actually I didn’t use a crib because I co sleep with my baby for sat for my sanity sake until now the hey Stu he Co sleep with us and I’m that’s totally fine I love it
but yeah so cuz what what other mom cells are telling me why they regret E is because their babies doesn’t like sleeping in the bassinet or the crib so they didn’t really use it and you know some mom said that they co slept with a baby
so they used like a doc taught instead or like you know other like Co sleeping bed and stuff so they didn’t really use the crib and a bassinet next on my list is memoral yes the famous memoral a lot
of moms that I surveyed said that’s their a number one regret actually because it’s so expensive and their babies did not like it they’re like they didn’t like the memory so probably
probably your baby different babies are you know different so maybe your baby will like the memory but most moms that I know they don’t like it and their babies didn’t like the memory so try it
and see if they will like it or not next on my list are one sees wood buttons yes the one with a lot of bunts I suggest you guys buy the zip pops or the zipper in Japanese
instead because it’s way better imagine waking up in the middle of the night and the babies crying their way you need to change their diaper or you need to change their PJs and or their one sees and you need to unbutton the the buttons
one at a time and there’s like ten buttons it total it’s it’s gonna drive you crazy I’m telling you just get the zip zip pops instead instead of the buttons II will save time and sanity
since we’re talking about clothes the next on my list is newborn coats and zero to three months babies grow up really fast like really fast so I
suggest you guys buy like clothes for if you want to buy a lot of clothes get the nine to twelve months and like twelve months and up clothes but zero zero to three months and like the newborn just get probably like I don’t know ten
newborns and ten zero to three months because you can wash it anyway and they can you know weary and babies doesn’t really go out a lot so you don’t need to buy those nice expensive clothes you can
save that when they grow a little bit older but for like babies newborn you don’t need a lot of clothes next up are small bottles so there are two sizes of baby bottle stores like the small ones and there’s the regular once the big
ones just get the big one so you can use it longer speaking of bottles don’t buy too many bottles because you can wash it anyway so just save your money another baby things and just get like probably I say
eight baby bottles eight to ten maybe bottles I think that’s good enough and um make sure to just try it out first before you get like a whole set of bottles because some babies prefer a
certain bottle and a certain nipple so you know just so you’re not gonna waste your money just by like probably one of each bread and see what your baby’s gonna like then you get then you get like the the
whole box set next one too many blankets don’t buy too many blankets because just like baby bottles you can wash blankets you don’t need to stack up like a lot of
black kids just you know just save money just get like seven eight and then just rewash it so your baby can use it shoes yes next on my list shoes because it’s really it’s from my own personal experience
we bought my son a lot of shoes that he didn’t really use it because first we never we yeah we never go out when he was a baby unless you know we need to go for his appointment doctor’s appointment
and second he’d rather wear socks and when whenever we go out he wear socks anyway he just for a socks so ya know don’t know two shoes if you’re gonna buy shoes probably one or two is good but
you know just buy a lot of socks instead of shoes next up mittens yes Vince so just save your money there are actually me once he’s with mints already that’s what my son had when he was a baby it will save me money
next is bottle warmer well actually bottle warmer is one of my most used baby products when my son was a little boy or when my son was still a
baby but I need to put this on the list because most mom’s told me that bottle warmers are one of their baby product regrets probably because they either gave milk straight from the top you know what I mean or they you know or they
give formula to their babies so they they can really use just you know regular room temperature the thing with me is I pump so I need to put the milk in the freezer and for me to give it to my baby I need to arm it up so I use
bottle warmers so yeah so it really depends on the situation for me bottle warmer is one of my most his product so mom’s bottle warmers are one of their baby progress as usual

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