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Babies – How Amazing They Are!

Babies are so unique and precious – they truly are a miracle. Although they only weigh a few ounces at birth, babies are capable of showing us so much love, compassion and growth.

The First Year

The amazing thing about babies is the amount of growth they can experience in a very short period of time. In the first year their size changes drastically. They learn how to do basic movements such as rolling over, sitting, and crawling.


It is also amazing how quickly babies can learn to communicate. It is usually within the first six months that babies start babbling and smiling. They are often able to recognize their parents’ voices and facial expressions. As the language develops, babies become more aware of their surroundings.

Parent-Child Bond

Babies have an incredible bond with their parents, and that relationship is so important for their development. Parents are able to provide the emotional support and security that a baby needs throughout their growth. This helps babies to develop trust in others and feel safe and secure, which is so vital for confidence and emotional well-being in life.

Caring for Babies

Caring for a baby is no easy task. It requires patience, understanding and loads of love. Here are some of the basics of caring for a baby:

  • Feeding: Feed them regularly and ensure they are getting enough nutrition.
  • Bath and hygiene: Bathe them regularly and keep their nails and hair tidy.
  • Play: Play with them regularly – reading, playing games and singing songs help to stimulate their development.
  • Sleep: Ensure they have a regular nap and bedtime routine.
  • Love and affection: Give them lots of love and attention.


Babies are a beautiful part of life and bringing them into the world is truly a privilege. The amount of impact that babies have in their very short life is tremendous and it is important to nurture their development in every way possible. There is no doubt that babies are amazing!

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