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Crawling with Baby Boy de Montigny – 8 months old

Crawling with Baby Boy de Montigny – 8 months old
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Crawling with Baby Boy de Montigny – 8 months old

8 months old can bring about a lot of changes for a baby. They have the capability to crawl, babbling and putting everything in sight in the mouth. It is a fun time for the parents, having the little bundle of joy exploring his or her surroundings.

For Baby Boy de Montigny, the 8 month milestone was a special one. After a few weeks of seeing him rising up to a plateau and showing signs of wanting to take the next step, he finally began crawling after months of anticipation. It was a sight to see and a time for celebration for his loving family.

The Milestones of Learning How to Crawl

Crawling is an important milestone in a baby’s development. Baby Boy started with simple adjustments in posture, leaning forward as he tried to use his arms and legs to prop himself up. This was a difficult task at first, as coordination between the two and strength were not fully developed yet. After the days of practice and determination, the movements were self-regulated and the process of crawling was mastered.

Benefits of Crawling and the Feedback Loop

This learning experience not only strengthened Baby Boy’s physical motor skills, but it also provided mental stimulation. There was a feedback loop from his environment that contributed to his learning. As he crawled, he engaged his senses to interact and explore his new environment, inspiring him to continue. For example, when he would touch different textures, he would process this input, expand in to different directions and eventually reach his desired outcome, such as a toy.

Happy Crawling Moments at Home

Months have gone by and now it’s exciting to watch Baby Boy crawl in his new found feat. The new found freedom of crawling has given him the opportunity to explore more of his home. Watching him as he discovers, strengthens and develops his new skills is a joy his parents get to witness.

The happy crawling moments at home has given both the parents and baby, a new found hobby and way of learning. Here are some of the activities Baby Boy engages during his crawling:

  • Babbling: Babbling as he goes around in to different directions, helping him practice his speech.
  • Reaching out: Reaching out to his surroundings, such as his toys and furniture, helping him to learn how to explore his environment and interact with new objects.
  • Imaginary Games: Making up little imaginary games, such as a car racing game, helping him to use his creativity and mental stimulation.

It goes without saying that watching Baby Boy grow up and reach different milestones is a joy to witness. He has most certainly been a blessing with his resilience and relentless determination in his efforts.

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