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Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Month 8

Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Month 8
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Healthy Pregnancy & Birth To Do List: Month 8

The eighth and final month of pregnancy is a wonderful, exciting, and intimidating time for soon-to-be parents. Here is a short list of things to keep in mind as you progress towards the big day of delivering your baby.

Go to All Appointments

Attend all recommended appointments with your doctor or midwife. This includes any prenatal or baby checkups or tests you may still need to complete. Make sure to get information on what you should expect over the coming weeks.

Stay Healthy

Continue your healthy pregnancy habits, including:

  • Eating well balanced meals
  • Taking your prenatal vitamins
  • Drinking plenty of water
  • Getting enough rest
  • Avoiding harmful substances, such as smoking and alcohol
  • Regularly exercising
  • Taking time for yourself and relaxing

Upskills Yourself

Take time to upskill yourself on what you will need for your new baby. If this is your first baby, you may want to take a childbirth education class, or read books and watch videos on labor and delivery. It’s important to be as prepared as possible for the big day!

Pack a Hospital Bag

Remember to pack a bag to take with you when you go into labor. Include items such as hairbands, books and magazines, slippers, nursing bras, brushes, toothbrush and toothpaste, cell phone charger and comfortable clothing.

Baby-Proof Your Home

Take the time to baby-proof your house. Make sure all outlets and cabinets are covered properly and furniture and sharp angles are padded. Install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and check that the locks on all doors and windows are secure.

Be Ready for Anything

Even though you may feel ready, you’ll never know what can happen. Know what to do when labor starts, where to go and what to expect. It’s important to be as prepared as possible, so take the time to become informed.

Birth is an exciting and amazing experience that you and your partner are lucky enough to experience together – be sure to focus on the positive and enjoy the last few weeks of your pregnancy.

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