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Highland Heights Newborn Photography | Introducing Declan

Highland Heights Newborn Photography | Introducing Declan
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Highland Heights Newborn Photography | Introducing Declan

At Highland Heights Newborn Photography we are delighted to introduce you to the newest bundle of joy in our studio, Declan! Declan was born on June 15th and since joining us here in the studio he has been a true blessing. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to create these lasting memories of his early days of life.

Capturing Declan’s Adorableness

We have taken a variety of photos in our studio to capture the beauty of Declan’s newborn experience. Declan has such beautiful, bright eyes that we were sure to show off in each of the shots. We also wanted to capture the innocence of his new life, so we used natural props to direct attention to his adorable tiny features.

Customize Your Newborn Photography Session

We pride ourselves on being able to customize each of our newborn photography sessions to reflect the unique personalities of each family we serve. As soon as we met Declan and his mom, we knew immediately what type of style would best suit the occasion. We incorporated a soft and sophisticated wood and ivory palette throughout the entire session to keep things light and peaceful for our tiny client.

Declan’s Creativity & Playfulness

During the two-hour session, Declan surprised us with his creativity and playfulness. He showed us silly faces and tons of wonderful expressions. We had so much fun capturing his joy and innocence with each click of the camera.

Let Us Capture Your Newborn’s First Moments

At Highland Heights Newborn Photography, we make it our mission to provide families with lasting memories of their newborn’s first days of life. Here is what you can expect when choosing us for your newborn photography:

    • Professional and caring photographers and staff

    • Customized newborn photography sessions

    • High-quality images in various styles

    • Beautiful backdrop and props

    • Same-day access to your digital images

If you’re expecting a new bundle of joy, we’d love to have you join us here at Highland Heights Newborn Photography. Contact us today and let us capture the special moment you’ve just begun.

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