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Lamaze Podcast Gives Tips for Parents on Advancing Labor

Lamaze Podcast Gives Tips for Parents on Advancing Labor
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Lamaze Podcast Gives Tips for Parents on Advancing Labor

Navigating the unknowns of labor and delivery can be intimidating and stressful for soon-to-be-parents. Fortunately, the Lamaze podcast offers evidence-based advice from expert guests to help parents understand the labor process and make informed decisions.

Strengthening the mind-body connection

The Lamaze podcast focuses on the natural phases of childbirth, discussing topics such as the mind-body connection, healthy birth positioning, and practical ways of managing labor pain. With evidence-based guidance, Lamaze counters the myths or advice that may not actually promote safety and healthier outcomes for mom and baby.

Helpful tips

Lamaze offers tips to help advance labor, such as:

  • Take a walk. Walk helps the baby descend, which can help the labor progress. Trying different birthing positions can also help.
  • Hydrate and eat. Nutrition is key for both mother and baby, so experts advise mothers-to-be to stay hydrated and have light, but frequent snacks when possible.
  • Perineal massage. This non-invasive technique helps to prepare the perineum for childbirth and can be done in the weeks leading up to delivery.


The Lamaze podcast is an invaluable source of information and support for expecting mothers, especially those looking to understand their labor and childbirth journey. With helpful tips and evidence-based advice, parents can stay informed and confident as they prepare to welcome the newest addition to their family.

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