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Newborn Baby Leo – 3 weeks new

Newborn Baby Leo – 3 weeks new
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Newborn Baby Leo – 3 Weeks New!

It’s been 3 weeks since the arrival of our newest addition, Baby Leo. Time has flown by so quickly, yet the memories we have of welcoming Leo into the world will stay with us forever.

We welcomed Leo into the world on May 7th, 2020. He was born to loving parents, Marissa and Haris, who are so proud of their first child. It’s been a whirlwind few weeks of transitioning to life as parents and we wouldn’t change a thing.

The 3 Weeks with Baby Leo


The first few weeks have been spent bonding with Baby Leo. We’ve spent time cuddling and trying to understand his needs. We’ve also enjoyed getting to know his personality, discovering what cheers him up and makes him laugh.


We are absolutely delighted to announce that Leo had his 3-week checkup this week and it was a great success! We’ve taken every precaution to ensure that Leo is healthy and developing properly.


We celebrated Leo’s 3-week milestone with a small gathering of close family and friends. Everyone had the chance to meet him and shower him with love and cuddles.


The past few weeks have been filled with important milestones. Leo is already starting to hold his head up, track objects with his eyes, and show us his first smiles.

Gift of Love

We were also gratefully blessed with many kind and thoughtful gifts for Leo. From cuddly little teddy bears to decorative wall hangings, we will cherish these items for many years to come.

Next Steps

As we prepare to enter into the fourth week of Leo’s life, we are reminded of how truly blessed we are. We can’t wait to see what this week will bring and all the exciting milestones that Leo will reach.

We invite you to join us on this wonderful new journey where we get to watch Leo grow and learn every day.

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