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Parenthood with the Pecks: Josh & Paige Peck Share Their Journey – Podcast Ep 106

Parenthood with the Pecks: Josh & Paige Peck Share Their Journey – Podcast Ep 106
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Josh and Paige Peck, of Parenthood with the Pecks, invite you to join them on a journey through parenthood from the perspective of two working parents in their thirties. Parenthood with the Pecks is a weekly podcast hosted by Josh and Paige, dedicated to discovering the struggles and successes that come with being parents and balancing a busy lifestyle.

Episode 106

Episode 106 finds Josh and Paige Peck heading in one of their favorite directions – traveling. During travel episodes, the couple feels that they are able to give their listeners unique perspectives on different cultures, and often the episode includes thoughtful conversations about parenting in those cultures, as well as tips on what worked for them with their kids.

In this episode, the Pecks discuss the challenges and rewards of traveling with their two young children, as well as the questions that come up when you’re out on the road with your family. In addition to that, Joshua and Paige Peck also discuss the importance of being present and mindful when traveling, and the importance of taking the time to disconnect from technology and all the other things that can sometimes take away from a meaningful family experience.

Topics Discussed

Josh and Paige Peck went over numerous topics in Episode 106:

Traveling Essentials

  • Must-have items.
  • Differing travel styles between adults and children.
  • Tips for enjoying the journey.
  • Getting the most out of shared experiences.

The Benefits of Disconnecting

  • How to keep kids engaged without technology.
  • Practicing mindfulness during family trips.
  • Giving kids the power to create their own adventures.

Benefits of Traveling with Kids

  • Learning about other cultures.
  • Developing a sense of autonomy.
  • Giving parents a chance to reconnect with each other.


The topics discussed on episode 106 of Parenthood with the Pecks helps families learn how to navigate family travel and how to create meaningful experiences. Josh and Paige Peck’s advice and stories of real-life experiences help parents stay connected with their kids and give their kids the chance to explore the world in a safe and mindful way.

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