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Pregnancy Calendar – Week 10

Pregnancy Calendar – Week 10
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Pregnancy Calendar – Week 10

Congratulations! Your baby is entering its tenth week in the womb and is continuing to grow. Here are some important things to note during this time:

Baby Development

  • Your baby is no bigger than a kumquat, measuring 2.5 – 3.5 cm in length.
  • The tiny umbilical cord is developing and your baby’s lungs and diaphragm are forming.
  • Hair on the head is starting to show and even the beginnings of teeth buds are forming.
  • The baby’s movements are only just starting to show, more easily felt at about 18-20 weeks.

Maternal Development

  • Your uterus is becoming more noticeable and your nipples darker, although it may still not be obvious that you are pregnant.
  • Your symptoms from earlier weeks such as morning sickness, breast tenderness and fatigue may still be present.
  • Do not do any rigorous exercising, discuss all activities with your doctor before trying anything.
  • Your baby’s organs, heart and starts to become visible during and ultrasound.

Week 10 marks an important time in your and your baby’s development. Enjoy each step of the exciting journey!

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