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Pregnancy Calendar – Week 12

Pregnancy Calendar – Week 12
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Pregnancy Calendar – Week 12

Week 12 marks an important milestone in the journey of pregnancy. At this stage, the baby has all its major organs and limbs and has started to move around. It is time for moms-to-be to start thinking about delivery and anticipate the joy of finally meeting their little bundle of joy.

Changes for the Mother

At week 12, mom’s body is undergoing some changes. Here is what to expect:

  • Weight gain: Most women will have gained between 1-3 pounds by this time.
  • Stretching of skin: Moms may see their skin stretching to accommodate the growing baby inside.
  • Overall exhaustion: Fatigue is common at this stage as the body is using so much energy to grow the baby.

Changes for the Baby

By this stage, the baby has fully formed organs and limbs and is just waiting to put on some weight before it is ready for delivery! Here is what the baby has started to develop.

  • Muscle and fat development: The baby is starting to accumulate fat and more muscle in preparation for its big day.
  • Movement: While movement still may not be detectable from the outside, the baby has started to move around on the inside.
  • Bone growth: The bones of the baby are also hardening and getting stronger.

Week 12 is an amazing time to celebrate the miraculous changes happening in both the mom and baby’s body. Enjoy the journey!

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