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Speech Milestones for Babies 6-12 months

Speech Milestones for Babies 6-12 months
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Speech Milestones for Babies 6-12 Months

As babies grow between 6-12 months old, they become increasingly more vocal. Here are some speech milestones that usually occur during this time:

6 Months

  • Cooing – Babies typically start cooing during this time – “ooh,” and “ahh” type sounds.
  • Turning to Sounds – Babies will turn their heads to find a sound source.
  • Laughing – Babies will start to laugh and make other vocalizations.

7-9 Months

  • Babbling – Babies will start to string some consonants and vowels together to form their own language (“bababa”).
  • Imitating Sounds – Babies begin to imitate their caregivers and imitate different sounds they hear.
  • Responding With Sounds – Babies will start to make vocal responses when people talk to them.

10-12 Months

  • Vocabulary Building – Babies will start to add words and even short sentences to their speech.
  • Pronunciation – Babies will start to use different intonations in their speech and even communicating in a “sing-song” voice.

Every baby is unique, so these milestones may vary. If you think your baby is falling behind, be sure to discuss your concerns with your pediatrician.

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