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These are the best birth photos of 2021—and they’re breathtaking

These are the best birth photos of 2021—and they’re breathtaking
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The Most Breathtaking Birth Photos of 2021

Over the course of the last year, some truly remarkable birth photos have been shared online – and here are our favorites just from 2021 so far.

Stunning Outdoor Birth

This mother and photographer chose to capture this birth outside and the result is absolutely breathtaking. From the lighting to the beautiful location, the shot perfectly captures the joy of the moment.

Picturing Parenthood

This shot goes beyond the typical post-birth picture. The photographer captures the mother and her husband as they gaze in shock and amazement at their new baby. This is truly an intimate and heartwarming moment.

Graceful Labor

This powerful shot captures the mother’s strength and determination as she works through her labor. Her graceful form is framed marvelously against the night sky, as she finally brings her baby into the world.

His Presence Felt

When the father wasn’t able to be there for the birth, the family found a creative solution. Toying with the idea of photography art, the mother and child embrace the father’s presence, as his portrait is shown within the scene.

Beautiful Birth Story

This photo of a home birth perfectly conveys the beauty of the moment, as the fresh baby is shown being handed to the mother directly after the birth. Surrounded by the beauty of nature, it’s a peaceful and intimate moment.

Memorializing the Miracle

We love the creativity of this one! The woman posed for her maternity photoshoot with a live ultrasound, showing the baby’s development throughout the pregnancy. What a lovely way to memorialize the miracle of life!

Our Favourite Birth Photos of 2021:

  • Stunning Outdoor Birth
  • Picturing Parenthood
  • Graceful Labor
  • His Presence Felt
  • Beautiful Birth Story
  • Memorializing the Miracle

These amazing birth photos are truly remarkable —celebrating the joyous arrival of a new human into the world.

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