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These Multi-Sensory Toys Encourage Baby to Crawl — & They’re Selling Like Hotcakes

These Multi-Sensory Toys Encourage Baby to Crawl — & They’re Selling Like Hotcakes
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Multi-Sensory Toys Can Stimulate Baby Crawling

Encouraging a baby to crawl can often be a challenge. Just when parents think their little one is ready to start moving, they may find that their child seems disinterested. Fortunately, multi-sensory toys may just be the ticket to get baby’s crawling muscles involved and engaged.

Benefits of Multi-Sensory Toys

Multi-sensory toys offer parents the chance to create an engaging experience for their baby. With a wide array of noises, colors, shapes, and textures, these toys can offer just enough of a stimulation to get a baby’s attention and help encourage crawling.

The benefits of using these musical toys are numerous. For one, they can help increase sensory awareness, eye-hand coordination, and muscle strength. Additionally, they inspire baby’s imagination and promote exploration.

Types of Multi-Sensory Toys

Parents can find multi-sensory toys that fit any budget and style preference.

  • Tummy Time: From soft play mats to water filled spaces, multi-sensory toys designed for tummy time can give baby the chance to rest partially upright, allowing them to explore the world around them without the strain of all-fours crawling.
  • Floor Puzzles: Floor puzzles offer baby the chance to move pieces to find a pattern. They are designed to stimulate the senses and encourage crawling.
  • Musical Toys: Musical toys come in a variety of sizes, with different sounds and light designs. These toys can be placed on the floor, allowing your baby to move around and explore while hearing fun and new sounds.
  • Weighted Balls and Blocks: These help to develop baby’s hand-eye coordination and promote crawing as they explore and grab objects they reach for and move towards.

Multi-Sensory Toys are Selling Like Hotcakes

Multi-sensory toys are quickly becoming a hot commodity, as more and more parents recognize the value of this type of toy. These toys are educational, engaging, and proven to help encourage baby’s growth in a safe and stimulating environment.

Overall, multi-sensory toys make a great addition to any toy collection and a fantastic way to encourage a baby to crawl.

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