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Tips for Supporting Your Partner in Active Labor

Tips for Supporting Your Partner in Active Labor
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Tips for Supporting Your Partner in Active Labor

The birth of a baby is an incredible experience, not just for the parents but also for the support they receive during labor. It’s important to be there for your partner and be present for her during active labor. Here are some ways that you can be a strong supporter during her active labor:

Listen & Encourage

Encourage your partner and remind her that she is strong and capable. Let her know that you believe in her and that her efforts are commendable. Validate her feelings and give her reassurance. It is important to listen when your partner is verbalizing her feelings and provide emotional support.

Stay Calm & Set the Mood

The environment is very important during active labor so it is important to stay calm and be a source of positive energy for your partner. Create a peaceful atmosphere by playing some soothing music, burning incense, or even talking to her about her hopes and dreams for the future.

Help With Comfort Measures

Activate labor can be painful so it is important to help with comfort measures. Help her use the relaxation techniques she learned at birthing classes, try different positions, offer a warm compress, and provide whatever physical and emotional comfort that you can.

Educate Yourself

Learn as much as you can prior to the birth, like what techniques, tools, and positions your partner can use during labor, so you can better understand and help her through it.

Stay Attentive

During active labor, it is important to be aware of the little moments and provide your partner with the attention and support she needs. Do her hair, pick out her outfit, hold her hand, or whisper words of encouragement.

These are just a few tips to help you provide your partner with the best support that she needs during active labor. The best way to support her is to take the time to listen and understand what she needs and be there to provide comfort and reassurance.

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