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today will be all about how to get free baby stuff and unboxing some free baby stuff and samples that i got do you hear from the mom life where i talk about anything and everything
motherhood i am currently 37 weeks pregnant with baby number two and i got all this samples and baby stuff for free so i’ll be unboxing each one and i will be sharing with everyone with you mamas how
i got it so let’s start with the amazon baby box free welcome box so as you can see here baby registry
so let’s see what we have here so i already i already looked at everything first we got this um baby blanket dr
brown’s bottle this one is 100 150 ml wide neck i already opened this so this one is nook baby bottle anti-colic bottle
so also 150 ml and i got hamper samples sensitive wipes a newborn diaper draft newborn actually i used all this three with my first baby and i already have it
ready for my baby number two and then pacifier i got a pacifier from boone it’s called jewel pacifier coupon for
the nook bottle some flyers pampers club flyer and i got lancino nipple balm sample aveeno daily moisturizer
i mean lotion moisture lotion cetaphil baby wash and shampoo degree deodorant for mommy so that’s what i got here oh an aquaphor healing ointment so that’s everything in the
amazon welcome box for you to get this amazon baby registry free welcome box you need to be an amazon prime member and you need to create a baby registry on amazon if you are not a prime member and if you
know you don’t want to pay for it then you can always do the one month free trial if you haven’t tried amazon yet and then um you know just sign up for for one month free trial so you can
you can create your baby registry and get the free welcome box and you know the discount and stuff so it’s gonna be a win-win situation next you need to complete at least 60 percent off the checklist which is very easy the checklist is
actually a great guide for your registry but if you want to just get the free welcome box then just click every single box in the checklist and lastly you need to purchase ten dollars worth from your registry
either you purchase it or somebody else will as long as it’s um a minimum of ten dollars once you’re eligible you will see a claim now button on the left side of your amazon baby
registry click the button and you’ll be automatically the welcome box will be automatically in your card and then just click on checkout and they will send you this welcome box next let’s talk about the
bye bye baby welcome box it’s this one it’s a bed bath beyond fly by baby it’s not really a lot so what i have this is probably my
favorite the baby on board sign for your car coupons a five dollar coupon for bye bye baby a flyer for the credit card
a coupon for mommy bliss boogie wipes mustela cleansing water and they have a coupon inside two buy one get one a phillips avent bottle this one this
one is 125 ml the aquaphor healing cream cocoa butter stretch marks palmer’s a sample of gripe water so that’s everything so getting the bye bye baby free goodie bag is really
easy it’s it’s probably one of the easiest it’s way easier than the the the amazon baby registry welcome box so all you need to do is go to the
create a baby registry on the website and go to your nearest you know go to your nearest a bye bye baby store go to the baby registry section where they have like those desks with seats where you know they help you and stuff so just go there and
let them know that you created a baby registry just give your name to them and they will give you this goodie bag no no minimum purchase unlike amazon so it’s really good it’s really easy so that’s how you can get the baby registry i mean a
free goodie bag from bye bye baby next up would be the free baby registry welcome bag or goodie bag from target so target
so this is my favorite free goodie bag or free samples from all the samples that i got so let me show you why so they are actually very generous
they have the most samples compared to the other ones i got so i got a baby bottle from mam 130 ml this is actually i don’t know but i don’t know with you but this is the first time that i’ve
seen a baby bottle that you can actually open the bottom it’s really cool and it came with a free pacifier too it’s really cute is this bulbasaur you’re so cute
huggies diaper samples ava baby bottle this is 125 ml another bottle this one is dr brown’s bottle the short neck
120 ml pedialyte this one is pedialyte electrolyte powder another pampers swaddler sample lancino storage bag samples and so it has two breast storage bags and two disposable nursing pads so i got that
one water wipes see i told you this is a lot they give a lot they’re very generous i love it aquaphor healing paste palmer’s cocoa butter
aveeno lotion boogie wipes baby bum coconut balm lotion this is lotion yes it’s a lotion that’s everything from the target free goodie bag for you to get this target goodie bag is
the same as bye bye baby is very easy all you need to do is create a baby registry on the target website and you just go to your nearest target store and just tell them that you have a baby register with them and just give them
your name and they will give you the goodie bag for free no minimum purchase with mine though my experience was i called my target near my place but they said they do not
carry any more free goodie bags for the baby registry because of you know the current situation and stuff so what they do now is they do they ship it online so i went online on the target website to
get the free goodie bag and it asked me to purchase at least 35 dollars not from the baby registry not for my baby registry but just you know just 35 dollars to get the free shipping for the goodie bag
if you do not get 35 at least 35 then you won’t be able to get the goodie bag so i purchased 35 worth of stuff then i got this free so that’s what i did so make sure you’re going to sign up for
the baby registry before you go to the target store to get the free goodie bag make sure you call your target store first if they have it because most of them said that you know they or they just do it online so make
sure you call them first walmart has a free baby samples too or free goodie bag so i created a baby registry with them online but i did not receive the goodie bag they said they already
shipped it i actually ordered it about more than a month ago but still i haven’t got it so i’m not going to be unboxing any walmart baby registry free sample goodie bag right now but i don’t know if i’m still
gonna get it but just letting you mamas know that walmart also gives free goodie bag for pregnant amaz next we unbox
newbie box so let’s see what we have here so this one baby box so i’m gonna be showing you guys one by one what i got here just a letter from newbie box newbie box
bag i also have here a nudie box guide cuties diaper a camellia teething relief
aquaphor diaper rash cream prevail pantyliners real leaf tea organic himalayan from vadam teeth upspring lactation supplement
morning prenatal on his turmeric spiced palmer’s stretch mark lotion the lancino nipple balm right here if you’re gonna be breastfeeding water wipes lancino
breast feeding samples so this one has the nursing pads two nursing pads and two breast milk storage bags so that’s what i have in my movie box so of all the free baby stuff that i got newbie box is the only one that will require you to pay for
shipping fees but they do not require you to create any baby registry with them or anything so it’s just the shipping fee that you need to pay to get this awesome box to get this free box all you need to do is go to their website i’ll be linking everything in the
description box below click on start order for the free pregnancy box type in your email address and a little information about yourself like your name birthday due date and address once everything has been filled out
you can go check out or add to cart other newbie box like their parent or their baby box to get the free shipping if not then you would need to pay 9.95 for the shipping and that’s it they will
send you this free pregnancy box if you are planning on giving formula to your baby then i highly recommend you sign up for the enfamil family beginnings the the website i’m gonna show you guys what i got from
enfamil i actually got three from them this one is from my obi office i just saw it on the the desk and i asked if i could have one so
the bag is so cute and this is actually a cooler bag so it’s you can put your breast milk here or your baby’s milk it came with packed frozen pack one frozen pack some brochures right here the formulas
that enfamil have snapple small bottles liquid vitamin d supplement two nipples have here the
enfamil nuru pro gently formula and oh it’s actually the same so i got two this is the cooler bag that it came with so i already have a cooler bag so i won’t be using this but this is really good to have so your ob usually have a lot of free baby stuff
just ask her or ask him if they give away free baby stuff so you can get some of those so this one was sent to me in in the mail so after i signed up for
um enfamil family beginnings they sent this to me probably about a couple of weeks after i got coupons this like five dollar coupons that will save you a lot because formula baby formulas are expensive so that will really save you a lot if you’re planning on giving formula
to your baby an enfamil the purple one and the yellow one so they have end familiar pro infant formula and the gentlys and female family beginnings just like a guide
coupon for aviva so that’s what’s in this box and the last one from enfamil i just got this a couple of days ago in the mail it’s a sticker so this is like a monthly sticker see i am an answerable baby five months
six months three four so this is this is good like if you want to take a picture of your baby and you know you’re gonna stick this on their shirt thank you enfamil and i’m not sponsored i’m just thanking them because of
sending me those it’s very easy to sign up for the infamous just go to the enfamil website and you’ll see they’re the family beginnings and you just sign up for them the emails and they will they will send you all this free stuff so um i will be linking everything in the description box below
like all the links all the website links so make sure to check that . so next is similac so similar is it’s the same as enfamil
but with that so the enfamil is the enfamil family beginnings that’s what they call the their like their online group whatever so similac is similar strong moms so just the same as enfamil you just sign up to their website and they will
send you free formulas coupons and then some more coupons this is from different this is actually from different um companies so they have
uh carter’s penney portraits and some other stuff also five dollar coupons from and from similac shutterfly 50 off coupon this one simulac pro total comfort formula
another formula similac pro advance closest to breast milk semilac pro sensitive so that’s what i got from similac again i will be linking the the link to the website in the description
box so this i got from my ob so like what i said earlier you know you can ask your ob clinic what’s what free stuff they have they probably have a lot so i got this too so this one is actually
nothing but supplements it’s um prenatal supplements so this citronatal vital dha tricare
another citronal prenatal mini ooh that’s a lot see that’s a lot i got uh it’s the same brand vital vita fall try here some more
some more stuff and some more stuff some more stuff and some more stuff so that’s that’s th these are all prenatal vitamins and dha supplements for pregnant women so it’s a lot it’s a full bag of nothing but
supplements so make sure you ask your ob for free sample so there are a lot of other websites that gives free stuff free baby stuff to pregnant mamas but i did not include it here because some of the website or most of the
websites that i did not include require you to pay shipping fees or or you need to pay shipping fees plus a minimum purchase so i did not include it because you know this is all about free baby stuff like free free so one
example of a website that gives free pregnancy box is so they do give a free goodie bag too but there’s a lot of steps you need to do so i did not even bother to create a
baby registry with them so for the baby list website you need to create a baby register with them you need to add three items to your baby registry from the baby list store and you need to add another three items from another store that is
affiliated or partnered with the baby list so it’s a lot of work you need to make a minimum a purchase of ten dollars from the baby baby list registry that you created verify your address and you pay 6.99 for
shipping fees so you need to order minimum plus you need to pay for shippy so i’m like i’m not doing it so yeah but just in case i’ll be linking the registry the baby list um registry website
in the description box below as well so medela the breast pump company and uh on it the honest company they also give away free baby stuff before but now for some reason after doing my research
i do not think that they still give free baby stuff because i signed up from the the medela email so they can send me free baby samples for like probably like more than a month or two weeks two months
ago but i haven’t received anything from them so and then the honest company i tried to sign up for the free sample i went to the website but i don’t think they give away samples still so i think they stopped giving me free sample if you have low income you can also sign
up for low uh low income programs like the cloth cloth option and there’s the share the love i think share the love the national diaper bag so they
they will give you like free diaper bags or free formulas whatever so if you have low income try to sign up to those website as well so there you have it the free baby stuff free baby sample boxes

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