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Westlake Newborn Baby Photography | Introducing Riley

Westlake Newborn Baby Photography | Introducing Riley
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Westlake Newborn Baby Photography | Introducing Riley

Meeting Riley

We would like to introduce an all new member of our Westlake newborn baby photography family – Riley. Riley is an adorable 7-week-old baby boy who recently arrived in our studio for his newborn photoshoot. This little one with a big smile on his face, made everyone in the studio fall in love with him. We are excited to share some highlights of his session with you.

Capturing Special Moments

Riley’s session was full of sweet moments which we were able to capture, turning them into everlasting memories. He snuggled up in some of the cutest outfits, giving us some incredible shots! He also had some tricks up his sleeve – whether he was mimicking his dad’s facial expressions or showing us how strong he can be, he had us all smiling.

Riley’s Invitation

We cordially invite you to join Riley in this special journey of his life. Some of our favorite photos have been featured below. We hope you will keep watching our page to stay updated on his growth.

A Few of Our Favorite Shots of Riley

1. The Elated Inspiration

Riley smiling

Riley was all smiles when he arrived in the studio, giving us a plethora of happy shots. This one in particular made us elated as it expressed his desire to make the world a better place.

2. Prince Charming

Riley wearing blue outfit

We couldn’t resist taking this shot of Riley wearing a blue outfit. He looked like a little prince with the way he enveloped himself in those warm and comfortable clothes.

3. Tugging At Our Heart

Riley wearing bunny outfit

We were completely swooned by this little bunny. He was so adorable in that white and pink outfit! Every move that he made tugged at our hearts.

Wrapping Up

Riley’s new journey captured all of us in the studio by surprise. We are amazed to have witnessed the remarkable moments he gave us and will forever cherish these memories of his journey. We are looking forward to seeing him again soon!

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