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What we wish we packed in our hospital bags

What we wish we packed in our hospital bags
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What We Wish We Packed In Our Hospital Bags

For most mums-to-be, preparing your hospital bag ready for the big day can be a daunting task. While there are many essential items to remember, it can also be easy to forget a few key items in the excitement. Unfortunately, arriving at hospital without these goodies can be quite a hassle – especially at a time when you want maximum support and comfort!

To make sure your big day as pleasant as possible, here is a list of what we wish we remembered to pack in our hospital bags:

Comfort Necessities

  • Extra pillows: Without a doubt, the most common item we wished we’d remembered to bring! Hospital beds are notoriously uncomfortable without a few extra pillows to cushion and support your body.
  • Slippers: Hospitals can be quite cold, so it’s a great idea to bring along a cozy pair of slippers to slip on during your stay!
  • A comfy robe: Although hospitals usually provide hospital gowns for labour, a comfy robe is a much better option to keep you covered during your stay.

Snacks & Drinks

Your hospital may provide meals for you, but it’s always worth bringing a few extra snacks and drinks to enjoy between meals and as a treat for your partner.

  • Snacks & Sweets: A few nibbles like fruit, pain-au-chocolates and chocolate chip cookies are always welcomed – especially during labour!
  • Cold drinks: Bring a couple of bottles of cold drinks like bottled water and soda for energy throughout your stay.


Labour can be rather long, and while you’ll be too focused on bringing that bub into the world to be bored, it’s always great to have something to turn to in moments of downtime. Bring a few entertainment items such as your phone, laptop, magazines and books in case you need something to pass the time.

Other Must-Haves

Of course, you’ll need to bring your essentials like maternity pads, a comfortable outfit for after labour, comfortable clothes to labour in and nappies for your newborn! Don’t forget to bring your hospital bag checklist to make sure you don’t leave any important items out.

With a follow up on this checklist, you’ll surely be ready to go for your big day!

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