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Your complete guide to packing a postpartum survival kit

Your complete guide to packing a postpartum survival kit
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Your Complete Guide to Packing a Postpartum Survival Kit

Packing the perfect postpartum survival kit has never been easier. Whether you’re preparing for a hospital birth, home birth, or something in between, having the right supplies handy will help make the transition to motherhood a smoother one. To help you out, we’ assembled a comprehensive guide to stocking your postpartum survival kit and savor your special time with your baby!


Before you can get to packing the fun stuff, make sure to include the essentials. These must-haves will help get you through the first few days in a cozy and comfortable way.

  • Maternity gowns: Invest in a few comfy maternity gowns – preferably ones with a built-in nursing bra. Button-front designs are best for easy nursing access.
  • Nursing bras: Nursing bras are not just for comfort but also for feeding convenience. Choose ones with quick-release straps.
  • Maxi pads: During the days immediately following delivery, you’ll want to use maxi pads postpartum. Choose some that are free from chemicals and scented for maximum comfort.
  • Newborn diapers and wipes: Diapers and wipes are a must-have – especially during those late-night diaper changes.
  • Nursing pillow: Although breastfeeding looks natural, it’s not easy if you don’t have the right support. A nursing pillow will help get your baby into the proper position for nursing.

Toiletries and Hygiene

It’s also essential to get your personal hygiene kit stocked and ready to go. The following items will help keep you and your baby clean and comfortable.

  • Bath soap and shampoo: You’ll need something to help you stay clean and feeling fresh. Choose products without harsh chemicals.
  • Hairbrush: Choose a large brush with soft bristles to help easily detangle locks.
  • Toothbrush and toothpaste: Stock up on a few extra toothbrushes and toothpaste so you never have to worry about running out.
  • Razors: Not everyone chooses to shave, but having a razor handy is a good idea in case you decide you want to feel extra smooth down there.

Supplies for Baby

Of course, you’ll also want to make sure to have supplies for your baby on hand. Particularly if you’re giving birth in a hospital, packing ahead of time will help reduce stress down the road.

  • Blanket or swaddle: Blankets are essential for swaddling your baby and keeping them warm. Choose a lightweight blanket or swaddle, as thicker ones can be too hot.
  • Clothing: Keep some cute clothing items handy for baby’s first photos. Look for bodysuits, hats, socks, and other items in newborn or 0-3 month size.
  • Diaper bag: A diaper bag is an absolute must-have! Choose one with plenty of pockets to easily store all of your baby’s essentials.
  • Pacifier: Pacifiers can help your little one self-soothe, so make sure to keep one handy in case it’s needed.
  • Burp cloths: Babies tend to spit up a lot, so stock your kit with a few thick and absorbent burp cloths.

Comforts of Home

It might not seem that important, but bringing a few comforts of home will make a world of difference. These will help you feel a bit more connected to home and distracted during long labor hours.

  • Pillow and blanket: Pack your favorite pillow and blanket to make hospital beds feel more like home.
  • Phone and charger: Don’t forget your phone and charger – you’ll want to take many pictures and check in with family and friends.
  • Snacks and drinks: Packing healthy snacks and drinks is a must for extra energy during labor and post-delivery.
  • Entertainment: Bring a book, magazine, or laptop to help pass the time between contractions or during labor breaks.
  • Camera: Don’t forget a camera and/or video camera to capture those special first moments and memories.


There you have it – your complete guide to packing a postpartum survival kit. Having the right items on hand will help you get through those first few days with ease. Keep in mind that you don’t need to have every single item on our list. Just choose the essentials and a few of your favorite comforts from home and you’ll be ready for anything.

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